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Brown Ladies Being Mindful


Position your life and shift your mindset. 

90 Day Program


Are you ready for a Mindfulness Breakthrough?

The WOMBman In Me TV Show

Register to be a part of a unique TV Show and share your story that would inspire woman of color.  

Mindfulness Academy


Each content provides you with basic and extensive learning tools to move you towards the life you deserve. These courses, trainings, and content will have you thinking in an outward mindset while manifesting your hidden strengths.

Meditation Session


Sign up for your private meditation session. Learn mindfulness techniques to  develop a Clear Mind, Open Heart, and Grounded Body.

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Check out my affiliates. See what programs & services they offer that will benefit your needs. 

Free Material

e-Books, Journals, Guides; etc.


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Self-Published Journals

           -On Amazon-

Mental Awareness Journals are designed to assist you in manifesting your potential and guiding your thoughts while eliminating fear and doubt, 

PressHer TV Channel

PressHER TV Channel is a channel offering TV Show opportunities for those wanting to extend their platform. The TV Show streams on Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Firestick, Google Chromecast, Apple iOS, and Android.  

MindFULL 2 Action

Register to be a part of a dynamic TV Show . Our guest will share testimonies....A life of a Journaler.