COVID-19 | To minimize person-to-person interaction and practice social distancing, all coaching sessions have been limited and only selected services will be virtual. I apologize for any inconvenience and ask that you be patient as we transition during this difficult time. I will contact you individually to discuss future plans moving forward and other alternatives to fit your individual needs.

I encourage you to Stay Safe...

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As a Certified Life Coaching Practitioner & a Mediation Practitioner/Teacher, my Coaching Practice focus on Mindfulness Coaching and Mediation. I am a strong believer in building solid life foundations is to why I assist real life individuals navigate their pursuit, guide them towards a life of Tranquility & Balance and Eradicate Self-Doubt. PLSLLC provides and assists you with the tools you need to embrace your current situation by focusing on resolutions rather than the problem...LIVE IN YOUR NOW! I am Results Driven.

Get out of you mind and into your life.

"What is a Coach"?

There are an array of different types and specialties of coaching, bringing dissimilar styles and backgrounds while offering a multitude of services. Some of these professionals use their own personal experiences, some use their professional background, while others use their educational training to assist you with:

  • Reaching Your Goals

  • Finding Tranquility

  • Healing from a trauma

  • Breathing Techniques

  • Financial Struggles

  • Eliminating the fear of starting a business

  • Accepting and owning your achievements

  • Meeting your fitness goals

  • Attaining a spiritual and deeper connection between your mind, body, and spirit

How can I assist?

If you are looking for ways to improve your current situation and make the most of the opportunities presented, this is where I play a part in your life. PLSLLC offers personalized Life Coaching services to help find a peace of mind and stability. You may need guidance on how to hold yourself liable for your actions, and that’s okay. Merely by taking the time, coming to my site, you have acknowledged and are aware of your inadequacies and are seeking direction; moreover, letting go of what's holding you back form your success. With my guidance and leadership skills, I will guide you through the process with awesome end results.

Be Actively Engaged In Your Success


Taking action in terms of accepting responsibility for your actions while releasing your past, leads to the best version of yourself and your future success. In order for you to find Peace, you must take accountability.

Accepting accountability could be:

  • Understanding your role in your current situation

  • Accepting your come back after a break-up or divorce

  • Accepting your achievements

  • Not procrastinating

  • Landing your ideal career

  • Not making excuses

  • Acknowledge your problems

You are exactly where you are today due to your actions, decisions you have made, and what you have allowed in your life (within your control). It’s time to stop delaying action and start embracing your fears and knocking-out those challenges that have been holding you back!

Start with scheduling your FREE Initial consultation with me at PLSLLC and get ready to see your dreams and visions come into fruition! My unique coaching style, motivation, and leading objectives are to make sure you accept accountability, keep looking forward with a new found strength, and...


A Great Coach will:

  • Listens to Understand

  • Help you through those feelings of uncertainty

  • Assist with monetary improvements

  • Help with any confusion and doubt you may be facing

  • Assist with anger and Resentment towards the other party

A Great Coach Is:

  • Consistent

  • Realistic

  • An Active Listener

  • Objective

  • Have Great Communication Skills

  • Are Passionate

  • Non Judgmental


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Coaching Services

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Single Sessions

Personal Growth & Development

Leave your Past Behind...Let Go & Set Yourself FREE

Some individuals struggle with moving forward in life, fearing the unknown and sometimes we feel alone and tend to isolate ourselves. I'm here to tell you that you don’t have to go through it alone. I will assist, give you the tools, and individualized strategies you need to get through a ghastly process.

Leaving the past behind at no time is easy, but in order to become successful and becoming a better's worth the journey.

What you will gain:

Tranquility Confidence

Strength Meditation Techniques


Adaptability Awareness


Personal Accountability

Accountability Starts With You...OWN IT & ACCEPT IT

Are you ready to stop limiting your growth? When you stop being defensive and start holding yourself personally accountable for your actions you create opportunities for personal growth. Take responsibility for your part instead of getting angry and defensive.

In this session, we evaluate your life, look for patterns, and analyze the past to determine the route to your future success.

Just a few target areas we focus on during sessions:

  • Avoid searching for failures and start looking for WINS!

  • Eliminate “The Blame Game”

  • Find the Positive in your situation (Proactively Optimistic NOT Re-actively Negative)

Accountability takes work and could be time consuming, but the benefits you gain once you accept responsibility goes along way.

It's time to Let Go & Set Yourself FREE!

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