MEntal decluttering

Most often, when your hear the word “Clutter” the first thing that comes to mind is the TV Show Hoarders. Well, that is a good way to explain/or a good example of a cluttered mind. If this is your current mental status, you are in the right place for help!

In order to be the best you, run a successful business, and keep a respectable household, you first must be mentally healthy. Decluttering your thoughts and finding your Zen will put you in a better position to find a place of peace & enhance your Mental Wellness & Stability.

We all have gone through some form of trauma in our lives, whether it was losing a loved one or losing our main source of income. This puts us in a state of unwellness, causing our minds to become cluttered, while triggering a shift in our thought process, while influencing our day-to-day movements.
Mental Clutter puts distance between loved ones, close friends, has us distracted on our jobs, difficulty staying on task, and deter us from successfully running our businesses that we worked so hard for.

Let's face it and be real with ourselves. We all go through this thing called life and everyday could be a challenge. Having the proper instruction, skills, and tools will help with your focus, enhance your creativity, raise your awareness, and proudly accept accountability. All this while reducing your stress level, alleviating anxiety, and decrease those feelings of depression.

Q: Why Do I Need to Declutter My Brain?
A: Our brains like order. Constant visual cues of a disorganization drain our cognitive resources, decreasing our ability to focus. Research shows clutter and disorganization has an aggregate influence on our brains, moreover, visual distraction of clutter increases cognitive overload and can reduce our working memory.

Tell me…
How much do you value your mental health and wellness?
How often do your thoughts run rampid, triggering negativity or toxic thinking or Your mind filled with worries, fears, and doubts? How many times do these thoughts hinder you from evolving?

If you are serious about your Mental WELLness and finding Calm in your situation. Contact me TODAY! Schedule a talk with Coach K. Let’s get you started on your journey of Mental Rest and WELLness.

*Be Mindful     *Breathe    *Journal