Assistance for Single Mother's in north Carolina

 Non-profits and government programs offer help with paying bills, rent, food, medical care, and your mortgage.

Single moms can receive grants and assistance in all counties and cities across the state of North Carolina.

Food Banks, Pantries, and Distribution Centers
Food, groceries and other forms of non-monetary support is offered by hundreds of food banks to needy families and single moms. The banks are accessed by tens of thousands of families every year. 919-875-0707 to contact the Food Bank of Central and Eastern North Carolina.

Child Care Financial Assistance

The North Carolina's Division of Child Development, using a combination of federal and state funds provides subsidized child care services to those families and single moms that qualify, through a locally administered state-supervised voucher system. The State if North Carolina will pay a portion of the cost of child care expenses and bills if the family that resides in the state meets the program eligibility criteria. 800-859-0829

Food and Nutrition Services (FNS)

Food and Nutrition Services, is a program that allows all eligible households and single moms to receive assistance with food and grocery bills. The acquisition of most foods at numerous participating stores is what the program’s benefits can be used for. 919-733-3055.

Resources from Energy and Utility Companies

Other utility assistance programs can be found that are offered across North Carolina, in addition to the financial aid and energy bill assistance programs that you will locate in your county. Emergency funds, payment plans, and other support to low income customers are some of the things many companies offer. 919-527-6309 to contact the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP).

Child Care Financial Assistance

Employment Programs, Crisis Grants, and Educational Services
Single moms can be assisted with gaining new skills, finding a job, and paying bills while they look for work by your local community action agency. Head Start for children, senior assistance programs, home repairs, are some of the other service that are offered. 919-807-4357 to contact the North Carolina Public School Jobs program.

Free Prescription Drugs
Located in Charlotte, Med-assist, will serve as the centralized North Carolina state pharmacy. Prescriptions are filled out by the pharmacists located at Med-assist, and then mailed to clinics located throughout the state. Free prescription drugs can be picked up from the aforementioned clinics by qualified single moms. To apply for North Carolina Med-assist call 866-331-1348.

North Carolina Legal Aid
This federal government funded program can offer free legal consultations and advice to single moms in need. To contact North Carolina Legal Aid call -219-5262.866

Assistance for Telephone Bills

Lifeline is an FCC supported program in which North Carolina families and single moms can enroll. A discount on their monthly bill, whether it is a cell unit or a home phone, will be provided. A portion of installation or activation costs can also be paid for by the program.

Job Search and Training Assistance
Under and unemployed single moms can benefit from these services in North Carolina. Training, referrals, help with preparing for and conducting a search for a new job are some of the things the JobLink Career Centers and other government programs provide. 919-527-6300 to contact the Work First Assistance program.

Crisis Assistance
The Salvation Army has dozens of centers across North Carolina, but their resources can be limited. In an emergency, these programs can help single moms pay for their bills and living expenses.

Social Services
With a focus on families with children, single moms, seniors, and disabled, several statewide programs can provide cash assistance, food, medical bill help, and other aid to the low income. 919-527-6420 to contact the Social Services Commission.

Emergency Assistance
North Carolina single mothers who are experiencing a financial crisis or emergency may be eligible for financial help to pay for housing, rent, mortgages, and utility bills. More information about the state emergency assistance program can be obtained from your local community action agency.

Debt, Credit, and Financial Counseling
Various non-profits offer financial services if you are faced with high credit card or medical debts, need credit repair services, or are faced with bankruptcy in North Carolina. 800-388-2227 to contact the National Foundation for Credit Counseling.

Free Health Care Centers

Either low cost or free health care from clinics can be offered to the low income single moms and people with no health insurance if they are found eligible.

Free or low cost care may also be provided by dental clinics in North Carolina to its residents.

Non-profit medical bill assistance programs can be applied for by individuals who are under or uninsured. Low income children, seniors, and families with pre-existing conditions can benefit from the several resources that are made available to them.

Mortgage Help and Foreclosure Assistance
There are several programs that will help single moms with paying their mortgage in the state of North Carolina. To help reduce foreclosures you can seek aid from counselors, resources available in your town and county, and other statewide programs.
Mortgage advice and foreclosure counseling is provided by numerous non-profit housing agencies, that are certified by the federal government HUD agency. Call 800-955-2232 for questions about HUD rental programs, including Housing Choice (Section 8) Vouchers.

Housing Assistance and Home Improvement
Assisting both families and single moms who either currently reside in or who may return to independent housing to:

  • Become better informed about housing and resources that are available to them.
  • By utilizing one or more state, federal, and local government home improvement funding sources to have full access to a higher standard of living.
    This is an optional county service. 919-877-5717 to contact the North Carolina HUD HOME Program.

Home Repair Assistance
Several programs are made available. 919-877-5700

Single-Family Rehabilitation Program – helps lower income families with major repairs.
Urgent Repair Program – helps elderly and special needs families with repairs and enhancements.
Displacement Prevention Partnership – helps with paying for home repairs or modifications if they are required as result of an illness.

Rent Payment Vouchers
Help with paying their monthly rent expense is offered to North Carolina single moms that meet low income levels. Partial assistance for housing costs is offered by the section 8 housing choice program administered by HUD and local PHAs, destined for seniors, disabled, and low income qualified residents. Call 800-955-2232 for questions about HUD rental programs, including Housing Choice (Section 8) Vouchers.

North Carolina Home Protection Program and Loan Fund

This program is destined for homeowners and single moms who have lost their job. A zero percent interest loan of up to $24.000 to help pay for your mortgage can be offered that doesn’t need to be repaid for up to 15 years. To apply or learn more dial 800-393-0988.